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Works Both Ways

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Works Both Ways achievement
Achievement - Works Both Ways.jpg
"Slam Fritz Gessler's office door into him."
Achievements list
Perfect Gentleman
I Am Better At This Than Tom Francis
I'll Aim When I'm Dead
I Taste Battery Acid
I May Be Some Time
Open Door Policy
So This Is Why People Don't Like Me
Necessary Force
Cat Burglar
Not Really A Prank, Man
On The QT
Breaking And Entering
Low Flying Doors
Might As Well Have An Achievement For That Too
Short Circuit
Mission Architect
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Title Finally Relevant
Acknowledged Ludonarrative Dissonance
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Case Filed
Coming Clean
Almost Honest
Intex Sympathiser
Rooke Sympathiser
Cover Up
Let It Go
Knuckle Down
I Just Really Don't Like Gessler
Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?
Not Worth The Bullet
Seven Story Takedown
Sorry, Were You Using That?
Those Intex Models Jam
Works Both Ways
Alright, Have One! Just Stop!
Privacy Is Dead
Open Ended Grudge


Slam Fritz Gessler's own door into him.

How To[edit]

Method 1:[edit]
  1. On reaching the top floor, rewire the camera to the door and unwire the switch near Gessler.
  2. Aim the Resolver towards the door, then (still holding the Resolver) walk through the camera's view to open the door.
  3. Gessler is now at gunpoint. Go through the dialogue and Gessler will be intimidated into surrendering.
  4. Jump until you are standing behind Gessler.
  5. Jump and tackle him towards the open door. Repeat until he is standing in the doorway.
  6. Rewire the switch to the door.
  7. Use the switch to slam the door on him.
Method 2:[edit]

Upon reaching the top floor of the Intex tower, walk up to the door and Gessler will open it on you temporarily knocking you out. He will advance toward you can draw his gun, but before he can shoot you, jump over his head to the ceiling and then maneuver behind him. Rewire the camera to the door, and then make a powerful leap onto Gessler pushing you both through the door into the camera's view. The door will slam on both of you, incapacitating Gessler and leaving Conway stunned briefly.