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Rooke: Guarded

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Rooke: Guarded
Level - Rooke - Guarded - normal.png
Level - Rooke - Guarded - crosslink.png
Employer Melanie Rooke
Laptops 1
Enemies 2 guards
Requirements None
Pay $55
Level list
Caught on Camera
Crossed Wires
Three for All
The Prototype
The Trace
The Plant
The Killer
the recording
Industrial Espionage
Go fuck yourself.
Come and fucking get me.
The Collins Case
The DataSec Recording
The Morgue
The Suspect
The Room
The Truth
Test Lab

The second backup from the cameras that caught you at the murder scene is on Proudmore Drive. Get in, wipe the data, get out.

Case notes[edit]

A prospective client, Selena Delgado, was shot and killed in her office.

Cameras caught me on my way up to see her, making me the prime suspect.

Selena's boss Melanie Rooke, knows I'm innocent and wants the real killer caught.

She's helping me wipe the offsite backups of the incriminating footage.


Melanie Rooke: The Westfield facility has better security: my guy can open the front door for you, but the door to the server room is secure. Two guards working tonight - whoever's in the the server room can probably open the door to it, so get him to do it for you.

Richard Conway: Isn't that kind of the opposite of a guard's job description?
Melanie Rooke: It is, but these guys spend more time dealing with electrical faults than professional spies. It shouldn't be hard to outwit them.
Richard Conway: Got it.


From: Julian Mayfield, Chief of Police
To: East Point Police Department (all)

Subject: Swapping weapons

Getting sick of saying this so I'll keep it brief: all police-issue firearms are palm-point coded to their owner. If you take or borrow someone else's gun, IT WILL NOT FIRE.

We're seeing far too many snafus like Friday: perps getting away because an officer's using a borrowed weapon or one stolen from evidence.

If you lose your side arm, which seems to happen more than I can fully comprehend, just report it. I'm waiving the fee for replacement. You need a gun that works.