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Richard Conway

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Richard Conway
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Occupation Freelance Spy
Character list
Richard Conway
Melanie Rooke
Katie Collins
Fritz Gessler
Julian Mayfield
Mark Jackson

Occupation: Freelance Spy.

Richard Conway is the player character of Gunpoint.


Conway's personality comes from his dialogue, most of which has multiple choices.

Skills and equipment[edit]

Richard Conway is a capable hacker, able to hack any terminal or laptop within a matter of seconds. Aside from his work, Conway uses his hacking skills to wipe records of him renting his apartment.

Conway is able to pounce upon people, preventing them from attacking him and allowing him to punch them. He is always able to knock out his victim in one punch.

Conway wears a Dropshot trenchcoat that protects his health from long falls as well as the weather. His gloves and boots allow him to scale buildings and hang from ceilings, and he wears a hat which he likes, being able to keep it on his head as long as he is alive.

Conway quickly learns how to use the Bullfrog projectile trousers to effectively jump over and into buildings. Later in the game, Conway wears a pair of Gatecrashers, which allow him to kick down doors. In one mission he uses a device to eavesdrop on a conversation behind a door.

Conway uses his smartphone to read information gained from hacked computers, talk to people, accept contracts, and use the Crosslink, a phone mod which allows him to rewire buildings in the city.


In the Introduction, Conway is trying out his Bullfrog trousers for the first time.

Melanie Rooke, if asked how she knows Conway, tells him that he gave her a business card while saying "My name is Conway".

Conway first acquires and uses the Crosslink while taking jobs from Rooke.