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The Resolver is a semi automatic handgun with a laser-sight potentially based off a real pistol with the same name or as a pun on revolver.

Guards, enforcers and professionals all appear to use handguns similar to the gun that can be used by the player.

The Resolver can hold a maximum of 6 shots and when readied displays the amount of ammunition remaining and a timer indicating how long you have after firing before a police sniper arrives to block the subway.

When readied you can hold up guards by pointing it at them, if they are facing you they will not shoot or move unless you holster the resolver or get too close to them drawing some what close to them cause them to step backwards, this can be utilized to herd them onto trapdoors force them over edges or out of broken windows. But it is advised that the player exert caution when doing this because the chances of accidentally getting too close and being shot are high. Professionals will shoot even when held up.

Running out of bullets[edit]

Bullets cannot be purchased and can be depleted.