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Mayfield: The Collins Case

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Mayfield: The Collins Case
Employer Anonymous (Julian Mayfield)
Optional objectives Minimal violence
Laptops 1
Enemies 1 guard
Requirements Crosslink, Wirejack
Pay $300
Level list
Caught on Camera
Crossed Wires
Three for All
The Prototype
The Trace
The Plant
The Killer
the recording
Industrial Espionage
Go fuck yourself.
Come and fucking get me.
The Collins Case
The DataSec Recording
The Morgue
The Suspect
The Room
The Truth
Test Lab

I'm unsatisfied with the East Point Police Department's handling of recent homicide, and I'm looking for an agent to help me investigate what really happened.

Case notes[edit]


The chief of police suspects his officers are mishandling the investigation into Selena Delgado's murder.

He hired me to find a local backup of the footage from that night - the night I was there.



Client : Thanks for responding. The case I'm interested in is one you might have heard of - the victim's name was Selena Delgado, an employee of the Rooke firearms company.

Conway :

Yes, I'm... familiar with it.
Nope, not ringing any bells.

Client : The security camera footage from the murder scene was wiped, and Delgado's colleague Katie Collins was charged with the murder. I don't think she did it, and I'd like you to help prove that.

Conway :

Let me guess, you're a friend of the suspect?
Let me guess, you knew the victim?
Don't make me guess - why do you care?

All options get the same response

Client : I'm the chief of police.

Conway : You're hiring me to investigate your own incompetence? Cool.

Client : No, the department's. I was transferred here to do something about this town's atrocious record for corruption, and every other police chief who's been given that task has vanished or died in a freak gun accident.

Client : I'm not them. I intend to do some actual good here, and to do that, I need to stay alive. So when it gets hard to tell whether my men are being lazy, stupid, or actually corrupt, it seems wiser not to ask them directly. That's why I need you.

Conway : What's the plan?

Client : Every off-site backup of that security camera feed was wiped that night, but the camera itself wasn't. Not everyone knows it, but the older models Rooke uses keep a local backup on the camera itself. I want you to go to the crime scene and get the camera's memory card.

Conway :

And that would, er, show you whoever was caught on camera there that night?
Client : Hopefully, yes. If it's blank, we keep digging.
So where am I headed?
Client : Wedgewood Road, the Rooke office. Just get to the camera on the third floor, it should be easy to get the card out of it. The data will be strongly encrypted, but I can decode it if you can get it to me.


Mayfield : Did you get the card?

Conway :

Yep, sending you the data now.
Mayfield : Excellent, good job.
God damn it. One of my idiot officers must have switched the camera back on - the card's full, but it's only the last few nights. Whatever it recorded on the night of the murder was over-written days ago.
Yep, but there's nothing on it.
Mayfield : That's suspicious. Very few people know about the on-board backup on that model, and I can't think why someone would wipe the card and then go to the trouble of putting it back in.
Nope, it was gone.
Mayfield : Damn. I'm surprised, very few people know about the on-board backup on that model.

Mayfield : Thanks for your help, anyway. I'll get back to you when I know our next move.


From: Melanie Rooke
To: Selena Delgado

Subject: Stick around

I know figures look bad. And I know they're getting worse. There's a gun ban on and we're a gun company - we can't avoid cutbacks.

But bear with me. I can't talk about it yet, even internally, but I have something in the pipeline that can more than save us, and might even run Intex out of town.

I'm sure by now you're getting headhunted - I'd be trying to poach you if you worked for anyone else. I'll understand if you get an offer you have to take. Just don't think Rooke is a dead end - your position's not in any danger.

By the way, if Mark's still there, let him know I'll be late tonight - his mobile's off.