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The introduction of Gunpoint can only be played when starting a new game. It sets up the murder that is investigated in the rest of the game, and introduces basic movement.


In the introduction, freelance spy Richard Conway tests out his new Bullfrog projectile trousers. Selena Delgado sees Conway being thrown out of his apartment window, and calls him for a job she may have for him. She opens a door for Conway.

Before Conway can reach Selena's office, another spy shoots Selena out of a window, killing her, and escapes. Conway is forced to exit the building through the broken window, and is seen by a camera in the process.

Melanie Rooke, the employer of Selena Delgado, calls Conway, telling him that she is aware that he did not kill Selena. Rooke tells Conway that she has deleted the camera footage, and that the footage is backed up to five data centers. Rooke helps Conway by opening the front door to the DataSec facility at Port Heath.


  • In the apartment above Conway's apartment, there is a telescope, a telephone and a printed photo of Selena Delgado on the wall next to the telescope. The same furnitures show up in the steam background "The Stakeout", showing Hightower looking through said telescope.