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Hammerhead Snark

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Hammerhead Snark achievement
Achievement - Hammerhead Snark.jpg
"Mock the chief of police at a critical moment."

In a new play-through

In Rooke: Three For All get spotted by the camera.

After Mayfield: The Collins Case tell Mayfield "Yep, but there's nothing on it" or "Nope, it was gone."

After Mayfield: The DataSec Recording tell Mayfield "Yep, here's what I got off the servers. (Random garbage)".

After Mayfield: The Suspect tell Mayfield "Nope, the place was clean. Only thing this guy's guilty of is great taste."

Finally, in Mayfield: The Room, don't get caught by any cameras. Afterward, tell him "(Lie) Nope, there was nothing on the terminal" followed by "Good luck proving it with the inadmissable evidence I stole for you, though" then either "I hope you have a good morgue. And I've been there, you don't" or "Logically though, shouldn't you hope I have a bad one?"

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