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Enemy list
Police Sniper

Guards are the most common enemy in Gunpoint. They are equipped with a gun and will shoot the player on sight. They can use hand scanners and will interact with stairs and light switches in response to the player or the player's actions.

Pinning a guard down will prevent them from shooting the player, but will make them a witness. When pinned down, the player can release the guard without hurting them by jumping off. Once released, the guard will get up, look in both horizontal directions, then begin to patrol.

Guards respond to soft noises on their floor, such as an elevator arriving, by turning to face the source of the sound. Loud sounds, such as glass breaking, causes guards to run to the source of the sound before resuming their normal patrol, if one was assigned.

Guards cannot see above or behind themselves, and can see only within arms reach in darkness. The cursor will turn red in an area that a guard can see, and the cursor will not be affected by darkness. The Crosslink shows guards' vision cones. Guards cannot see through other guards, enforcers or professionals.

In response to darkness, guards will move to the nearest light switch and attempt (up to three times) to turn it on. Regardless of whether they succeed or fail, they will resume their patrol. If the lights are switched twice then a guard will immediately patrol the floor.

Guards moving to a point, such as a light switch or the source of a loud sound, will open doors in their way using hand scanners. Patrolling guards will not open doors; however, if the door is opened for them, they will move through the door in their patrol.