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Once the game is completed, the player can compose a post on Conway's Secret Blog. Conway automatically writes the title (which is A case of crossed wires) and opening of his post, which says how many deaths and injuries have occured throughout the story of the game.

The number of deaths includes the 2 characters who die during the story as well as any others who die in gameplay by any means. The deaths that are said to have occured in the dialogue of Gessler: Compensation are not counted in the blog entry.

The number of people injured counts the number of enemies that have been non-lethally neutralised. People struck by flying doors do not count towards this number. Pinning down someone is not considered an injury.

Conway always writes that he has taken 20 jobs and has earned $13000 in total.

The epilogue shows if the player killed the "person behind the hit", or if they left that person alive. It also shows if they caught and killed or knocked out the "trigger man", or if they did not catch them.

The achievements Acknowledged Ludonarrative Dissonance and Case Filed can be rewarded here. Publishing the blog entry closes the game and opens a page showing the blog entry generated by the player.