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Collins: innocent

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Collins: innocent
Level - Collins - innocent - normal.png
Level - Collins - innocent - crosslink.png
Employer Katie Collins
Optional objectives Check any laptops
Enemies None
Requirements Crosslink, Wirejack
Pay $300
Level list
Caught on Camera
Crossed Wires
Three for All
The Prototype
The Trace
The Plant
The Killer
the recording
Industrial Espionage
Go fuck yourself.
Come and fucking get me.
The Collins Case
The DataSec Recording
The Morgue
The Suspect
The Room
The Truth
Test Lab

hi. sorry to bother you guys, i don't know if this is the right place to post this, but ive just been arrested for murder and i dont really know anyone so i used my one call to post this. hope you can help!! - katie


Reach the door outside Jackson's office to hear what he's saying.

Case notes[edit]


I was caught on camera at the scene of Selena Delgado's murder.

Selena's boss, Melanie Rooke, knows I'm innocent and helped me erase all copies of the footage.


Selena Delgado's coleague, Katie Collins, has been arrested for her murder.

Me deleting all security footage from the night in question probably didn't help.

Rooke's husband Mark Jackson is claiming he saw Collins there that night.

I overhead [sic] Jackson referring to an incriminating recording a company called Intex have of him.



Katie Collins: hi! thanks so much for replying!!

Richard Conway: No problem.
Richard Conway: What's the situation?
Richard Conway: For this money, even lower case 'I's couldn't keep me away.
Katie Collins: haha! sorry my typings not great, i borrowed this phone from a sex worker and i havent figured out how to do capitals on it yet

Katie Collins: my names katie collins. i work at rooke, the gun company, and my friend selena was killed last night. someones saying they saw me there, and all the security footage has been deleted!!

Richard Conway: Ah.
Richard Conway: Oh. Shit.
Richard Conway: Wow, that's kind of a dick move by somebody.

Katie Collins: i know!! i wasnt there at all last night, but i live alone so i cant prove it without the footage.

Richard Conway: What can I do?

Katie Collins: the person saying they saw me there is melanie rookes husband, jackson. i dont wanna get anyone in trouble, but maybe you could stop by his building and just see whats going on.

Richard Conway: What exactly do you need?
Richard Conway: Get him in trouble? I'd want to get him in acid.
Katie Collins: haha! i just wanna know why he would do this, he always seemed so nice. maybe theres a reason.
Richard Conway: Yes, we should be forgiving of everyone involved in this.
Katie Collins: yeah, he always seemed so nice so i just wanna figure out why hed do this.

Katie Collins: hell probably be in his office on top floor. if you can get close enough to hear what hes saying, maybe you could listen in for a clue or something

Richard Conway: And then throw him in some acid?
Katie Collins: please no acid! i just want to know whats going on
Richard Conway: Got it.
Katie Collins: thankyou so much. i hate to be a pain but i really want to get out of here. its scary.


Jackson: No, Intex have that whole call recorded!


Jackson: Yeah, well, thank you Captain Hindsight. I didn't know they were bugging me.


Jackson: You can't hear a bug. It's not the fucking nineties.


Jackson: Yeah, alright. I'll let you know.


Katie Collins: hey!! what happened, did you hear anything?

Richard Conway: He says a company called Intex have an incriminating recording of him

Katie Collins: whoa. theyre our main rivals, a big multinational company who just opened an office here in east point.

Richard Conway: Any idea why they'd be recording Jackson's phone calls?
Katie Collins: well, jackson runs his own company, but its a dummy corporation for rooke. intex would definitely want to hear his calls.

Richard Conway: Any idea what Jackson would be saying that he shouldn't?

Katie Collins: oh god. i dont wanna think it, but if hes trying to frame me maybe hes involved with selenas death somehow.

Richard Conway: We'll keep digging. Richard Conway: Oh, you think? Katie Collins: yeah. this is really messed up, but thanks for doing this, i think its gonna be a huge help.


From: Katie Collins
To: Melanie Rooke

Subject: What are Intex thinking?

Hey Melanie! Just a quick question. Sorry if I'm being stupid.

You asked me to watch Intex's purchase strategy, and I have. I'm confused. They're buying the same set of materials we were last week, in crazy amounts, and I still don't see how they could ever be used in any legal firearm. I know you can't talk about our own plans, but can you shed any light on theirs?

They're getting them slightly cheaper than us, by the way. I know you like to deal with Jackson's company whenever you can, but in this case we paid a high price for it. The only advantage I can see is that the contract says we could return it all for price paid, but presumably we need all this stuff to go into full scale production of Project Lucena? Whatever it is?

If you want me to shut up and stop asking stupid questions, just say the word.