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|objectives  =  
|objectives  =  
|optional    =  
|optional    =  
|laptops      = 1
|enemies      = 4 guards
|enemies      = 4 guards
|requirements = [[Crosslink]]
|requirements = [[Crosslink]]

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Rooke: Three for All
Level - Rooke - Three for All - normal.png
Level - Rooke - Three for All - crosslink.png
Employer Melanie Rooke
Laptops 1
Enemies 4 guards
Requirements Crosslink
Pay $50
Level list
Caught on Camera
Crossed Wires
Three for All
The Prototype
The Trace
The Plant
The Killer
the recording
Industrial Espionage
Go fuck yourself.
Come and fucking get me.
The Collins Case
The DataSec Recording
The Morgue
The Suspect
The Room
The Truth
Test Lab

Last one and you're clear. The DataSec place on Gershwin and 4th is the biggest and most heavily guarded, but after this there'll be no evidence linking you to Selena's murder.

Case notes

A prospective client, Selena Delgado, was shot and killed in her office.

Cameras caught me on my way up to see her, making me the prime suspect.

Selena's boss Melanie Rooke, knows I'm innocent and wants the real killer caught.

She's helping me wipe the offsite backups of the incriminating footage.



Melanie Rooke: This is the last facility with a copy of the footage, but it's stored on three different servers. You'll need to get to three different terminals and hack each one.

Richard Conway: Are you seeing anyone about your backup addiction?

Melanie Rooke: Well, you never know when a suspected murderer is going to try systematically erasing them.

Richard Conway: Fair point.
Richard Conway: You do if you hired him.
Richard Conway: I guess you should actually be backing up more.

Melanie Rooke: Good luck.


Melanie Rooke: Good job.

Richard Conway: Thanks.
Richard Conway: Not particularly.
Richard Conway: Walking through already open doors is my specialization.

Melanie Rooke: Our feeds are backed up at four more facilities - the others are slightly better guarded, but nothing too taxing. I'll give you the addresses in order of security since, frankly, I have no idea how good you are.

Richard Conway: OK.
Richard Conway: That's a slightly creepy level of micro-management, but OK.
Richard Conway: Thanks for giving my personal crisis a difficulty curve.

Melanie Rooke: You'll see a mission briefing for a job on Proudmore Drive - take it.


From: Julain Mayfield, Chief of Police
To: East Point Police Department (all)

Subject: Cameras don't hate black people

We need to put to rest this idiotic rumour about our security software detecting dark-skinned people as intruders. They don't.

What they do is analyse the subject's face, stature and movement characteristics and match them against our database of known security personnel.

That means if anyone who isn't police or private security walks in front of the camera, REGARDLESS OF SKIN COLOUR, it will trigger. If it's connected to an alarm, that'll set it off. If not, it just adds a note to the footage for security to review later.

Whether they're connected to anything or not, all our cameras also store their feeds. So if you - for example - pull and African-American transient in off the street into a secure facility and shove him in front of a security camera in a misguided attempt to prove that a piece of software is racist, we have footage of you doing that.