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Rooke: The Plant

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Rooke: The Plant
Employer Melanie Rooke
Optional objectives Hack any laptops
Laptops 1
Enemies 2 guards, 1 enforcer
Requirements Crosslink, Wirejack
Pay $275
Level list
Caught on Camera
Crossed Wires
Three for All
The Prototype
The Trace
The Plant
The Killer
the recording
Industrial Espionage
Go fuck yourself.
Come and fucking get me.
The Collins Case
The DataSec Recording
The Morgue
The Suspect
The Room
The Truth
Test Lab

Conway, this is Rooke. I need your expertise. It’s regarding my employee Katie Collins.

Case notes


Selena Delgado's colleague, Katie Collins, has been arrested for her murder.

Rooke's husband Mark Jackson is claiming he saw Collins there that night.

I overheard Jackson referring to an incriminating recording a company called Intex have of him.

The recording was scrubbed from both Intex's servers and a Rooke machine that downloaded it.


Selena Delgado's colleague, Katie Collins, has been arrested for her murder.

Rooke's husband Mark Jackson is claiming he saw Collins there that night.

I overheard Jackson referring to an incriminating recording a company called Intex have of him.

Rooke gave me the recording: it's of Jackson threatening Selena.

I've planted it in the police's evidence database, and Rooke's going to leak it to a journalist.



Rooke: I have the recording you've been looking for. It's from a phone call in which Jackson threatens to kill Selena if she talks. It would be enough to get Katie Collins released and my husband arrested.

Conway: Oh, awesome.
/ "Would"?

Rooke: I can't give it to the police. I didn't obtain it legally, so it's inadmissable. That [sic] why I need you. I want you to copy it onto the police servers and leave a security hole for the press to find it there.

Conway: Does that actually work?
/ Will that get Collins off?

Rooke: I don't know it's never been done before. But the East Point police would probably rather claim they were sitting on vital evidence than admit they don't know how it even got there.

Conway: What does the evidence say, exactly?
Rooke: Jackson: "I mean it, if you say one word about this, anywhere, you'll be dead before you leave the building."
Conway: Shit.
/ Yeah, that's not a good thing to say the night someone's killed.
/ Kind of a weird way to say it.
Conway: Have you told Collins?
Rooke: No, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't either. She has trouble coping with the guilt if I bring her a coffee, I don't want her to know I'm risking my career for her.
Conway: You're okay with getting your husband arrested?
Rooke: He's gone dark. I can't believe he did it, and I don't know if he'll go down for it. But he put Collins in this situation, so he can damn well take the fallout.

Rooke:The terminal you need to plant it on is on the first floor of the evidence warehouse on Union. I'm sending you a script that'll make it vulnerable: once it's active, I'll tip off a journalist friend.


Rooke: It's Katie.

Conway: What?
/ I uploaded the data! Wait, what?

Rooke: I just got the call. They found her in her cell.

The note just said she didn't want to be a burden.

Jackson's call

Jackson: This is Jackson. The recording you have of me is real, but it's not the whole story. Selena and I were having an affair. When I told her not to say anything, I was trying to protect her.

Conway: From who?
/ From whom?

Jackson: Intex. They blackmailed me to steal a large sum of money from Rooke. I used their plan to take it, but I didn't give it to Intex: I was going to use it to blow the country with Selena. I was warning her to keep that to herself, because I knew if Intex found out they'd have her killed. If I'd known they were tapping my phone... the irony is not fucking lost.

Conway: Why didn't Intex kill you too?
Jackson: They needed me to steal the money from Rooke. We sometimes channel money through my firm to dodge tax, so for a day or two the money would be in my name. If I died before transferring it to Intex, the money would go straight back to Rooke when she inherited my company.
Conway: Why did you even tell Selena?
Jackson: She was a smart girl, she wasn't going to run off with me without knowing where the money came from. I knew she wouldn't be wild about stealing from Rooke, but we didn't have much choice. Giving it to Intex would be worse, and doing nothing meant Intex would go public with the affair.
Conway: Cut to the chase.

Jackson: I don't know how Rooke got hold of that recording, but I know why she edited it, and I know why she gave it to you. She knows about me and Selena, and she knows about the money. If I get arrested now, it defaults back to her. She's trying to frame me.

Conway: So what do you want?

Jackson: The full recording. Public. Online. It proves the one Rooke leaked was doctored, and it proves I didn't kill Selena. The terminal that recorded it logged the location of both phones at the time: I was out of town minutes before she died.

That terminal is in Intex's ops center on Harvey Street. If you can get in, you can upload the full recording from there. I'll post it as an official job so I can pay you securely.

Rooke's call

Rooke: Conway, it's Rooke. Ignore Jackson.

Conway: Why?
/Conway: You don't even know what he said.
Rooke: Did he say 'The recording you have of me is real, but it's not the whole story'?
Conway: ... no.
/ ... yes.
/ To be honest, I wasn't listening.
Rooke: Intex are still bugging his phone, and I've taken over their network.

Rooke: I know who killed Selena, I know exactly where he is now, and I know what will happen if that recording gets out. The killer will vanish, forever. The only reason he hasn't disappeared already is that he knows Jackson's going down for it. As soon as the cops start looking for someone else, he's gone.

Conway: Who is it?
Rooke: I'm witholding that until you can secure Jackson's conviction.

Conway: Can't we just get the real killer, then leak the recording?
Rooke: You could, if you knew where he was. I could, if I wanted that recording leaked. But if Jackson gets out, I lose everything. The money he took broke our agreement, but it wasn't illegal - I can't get it back unless he's convicted.
Conway: You want to let an innocent man go down to catch a guilty one?
Rooke: Not the word I would use. Jackson framed Katie Collins for Selena's murder, which led directly to her death. The fact that he also cheated on me and stole most of my capital just makes me less conflicted about destroying him.
Conway: Point taken.
/ Hmm.
/ Still, every marriage has its rough patches.
Rooke: It's the old cliche. Husband runs off with a younger woman who doesn't spend her spare time thinking of less and less traceable ways to destroy people. Wife untraceably destroys him.
Conway: So you want me to get Jackson convicted. How?

Rooke: The terminal at Intex that Jackson wants you to upload the recording from. I need you to get to it, and wipe it instead. Jackson goes down for Selena's murder, I get my company back, and you can do what you like to the man who killed your client. It's an easy call.


From: Lt. Det. David Carillo
To: Det. Sal Godall

Subject: Re: Your theory

So I'm a jury. The defendant has no alibi, lives alone, and had access to all the security footage that was mysteriously erased for the night of the crime. And a reputable local business owner will testify that she was the last person left alone with the victim.

How much do I care that she did it in a weird way?

The Delgado case is an easy close, Sal, and with your case log, you need an easy close. Just take the win.