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Rooke: Crossed Wires

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Rooke: Crossed Wires
Level - Rooke - Crossed Wires - normal.png
Level - Rooke - Crossed Wires - crosslink.png
Employer Melanie Rooke
Laptops 1
Enemies None
Requirements Crosslink
Pay $30
Level list
Caught on Camera
Crossed Wires
Three for All
The Prototype
The Trace
The Plant
The Killer
the recording
Industrial Espionage
Go fuck yourself.
Come and fucking get me.
The Collins Case
The DataSec Recording
The Morgue
The Suspect
The Room
The Truth
Test Lab

To get into the Ellis street facility, you'll need to rewire the building's electronics. If you don't have a Crosslink, buy one.


Rewire the building's electronics to get to the terminal and wipe the data.

Case notes[edit]

A prospective client, Selena Delgado, was shot and killed in her office.

Cameras caught me on my way up to see her, making me the prime suspect.

Selena's boss Melanie Rooke, knows I'm innocent and wants the real killer caught.

She's helping me wipe the offsite backups of the incriminating footage.


Melanie Rooke: I can't open the server room door on Ellis Street, and there are no guards working tonight. You'll have to do it yourself.

Richard Conway: No problem.
Rooke has disconnected
Richard Conway: How?
Melanie Rooke: Any building wired in the last 20 years puts everything on a single power grid. The way things are connected is all handled in software, and software can be hacked. If you've got a Crosslink, you can see all the connections and drag the around to work however you want: make a lightswitch open a door, whatever.
Richard Conway: What actually is a Crosslink?
Melanie Rooke: It's just a mod for your phone that lets you hack into building's electronics and rewire stuff. Some security geek put it out in closed beta, the only people using it are espionage operatives and asshole kids.
Richard Conway: That doesn't seem like a great security feature.
Melanie Rooke: It's not. Anyone who's actually expecting a hacker puts all their important stuff on an isolated circuit. The data here is a backup of a backup of a backup. They're more worried about hard drive failures than spies.
Richard Conway: Got it.


From: Julian Mayfield, Chief of Police
To: East Point Police Department (all)


We're getting more and more reports of the electronics in these post-millennial buildings behaving strangely. Lights going out, but also more serious stuff, like electronically locked doors suddenly swinging open. If you see anything like that, put it in your report. And play it safe, those doors open way too fast.