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Mayfield: The Morgue

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Mayfield: The Morgue
Employer Julian Mayfield
Optional objectives Minimal violence
Laptops 1
Enemies 4 guards, 1 enforcer
Requirements Crosslink, Wirejack
Pay $600
Level list
Caught on Camera
Crossed Wires
Three for All
The Prototype
The Trace
The Plant
The Killer
the recording
Industrial Espionage
Go fuck yourself.
Come and fucking get me.
The Collins Case
The DataSec Recording
The Morgue
The Suspect
The Room
The Truth
Test Lab

I need you to break into my own HQ. I'll explain why.

Case notes[edit]

The chief of police suspects his officers are mishandling the investigation into Selena Delgado's murder.

He's hiring me to find evidence from that night.


The chief of police suspects his officers are mishandling the investigation into Selena Delgado's murder.

I found the coroner changed his report - the original suggests it was a professional hit.



Mayfield : I've discovered evidence that Selena Delgado's post-mortem was altered after Katie Collins was arrested. What I don't know is why - are my men covering for one of their own, or just changing the facts to fit the easiest suspect to convict?

Conway : What do you want me to do about it?

Mayfield : If you can get to the coroner's computer in our HQ, you might be able to find an autosave of the original somewhere on there. If we can see what the difference is, it might confirm whether this is corruption or just laziness.

Conway :

Got it.
Mayfield has disconnected
Can't you, police chief of the actual police, get this police thing from the police?
Mayfield : Ask my predecessor. You can't, he was shot six times in the chest shortly after referring one of his officers to internal affairs for document forgery.
Conway :
Alright, point taken.
Mayfield has disconnected
Who's to say that was even related?
Mayfield : The police chief of the actual police.
Mayfield : (Me)


Mayfield : Did you find the original obituary?

Conway :

Yep, here it is.
Fresh from the Recycle Bin - I suspect we are not dealing with a clever cop.

Mayfield : Superb.

Mayfield : Oh wow. She was shot three times, not one. And the second two shots were point blank range, seconds after she hit the ground. Whoever killed Selena Delgado, they dropped out of a third story window to make sure she was dead. We're either dealing with a professional operative or more than one shooter. Either way, this suggests Katie Collins is innocent.

Conway : Can we release it?

Mayfield : Yes, but not yet. I need enough to get every dirty cop in this town arrested the moment I go public with this, or I'll disappear under suspicious circumstances. I can handle that side of it, but I'll get in touch if I find any more about our killer. Thanks, Conway.


From: Det. Sal Godall
To: Lt. Det. David Carillo

Subject: Your theory

So I'm Katie Collins. I'm working late. The only other people in the building are my friend Selena Delgado and my boss's husband Mark Jackson for some reason.

Jackson leaves. I wait till my friend's back is turned, then shoot her in the spine. Her body falls out of a fourth story window and hits the asphalt.

But I'm not satisfied. I, what, jump? Climb? Out of the broken window, drop down to the street and shoot her two more times in the head. Better safe than sorry, right?

Nothing about Collins makes sense for the Delgado case. I know you've said this and I know you've all shot me down, but I still like Jackson for it. He's Lying about something.